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Instructional Videos are the Best SharePoint Training Solution

Video tutorials on SharePoint combine four powerful features:

  • Human Voice Instruction
  • Video recordings of computer operating procedures (including cursor highlighting and text transcript boxes
  • On demand access and
  • In-context availability

to deliver exceptionally useful technical instructional content to the full range of SharePoint users, from end users to developers and architects.

SharePoint-Videos dot com provides the very best SharePoint training in the form of instructional video tutorials. Our current collection of in excess of 365 videos cover the widest range of SharePoint 2010 and 2007 features that we know of. A very wide range of SharePoint capabilities from building team sites, to including access to remote data sources as well as forms processing within Sharepoint, itself, are presented in a set of succinct video tutorials that our subscribers can review as frequently as they require to master techniques. Further, our subscribers can opt to study these tutorials whenever they like either via online access to our website, or via access to our SP101 and SP102 courses across a corporate intranet.

In keeping with the very high quality of our video tutorials, we offer a matching set of subscription options, which provide the best solution to acquiring technical training for SharePoint at a pace that makes sense for most any user. The range of subscription options includes:

  • individual annual subscriptions
  • group subscriptions for set of 20 or 40 power users
  • end user subscriptions for corporate users
  • and, finally, hybrid subscriptions that provision just the right training (either in the form of unlimited online access of end user training instantiated upon a corporate Intranet
  • to corporate users and other large groups

If users understand the importance of obtaining effective training for SharePoint, then it will make total sense to visit SharePoint-Videos on the web to review our content and our subscription offers. Of course, this comprehension can be nested within a larger commitment to utilize SharePoint as the most cost effective method of providing needed, mission critical applications to global business or other large user groups. After all, the underpinning of these solutions will still be SharePoint; therefore, the very best training will still make the most sense.

Video trainining is a favorite subject of ours. We are always open to a discussion opportunity, therefore if you would like to explore this topic at greater length, then we would welcome an opportunity to speak with you. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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