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Microsoft Offers InfoPath Consumers a Glimpse at the Future of Forms for SharePoint

On the second day of SharePoint® Conference 2014, in a session devoted to InfoPath forms, Greg Lindhorst and Sonya Koptyev, Senior Product Marketing Manager, both of Microsoft®, offered consumers of this popular SharePoint feature a glimpse at the roadmap for the near term future for SharePoint forms. The title for the Koptyev and Lindhorst session is Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms

If any readers are not yet aware, it’s worth noting Microsoft’s decision to sunset InfoPath as a product. The InfoPath 2013 version will be the last for this very popular product line.

SharePoint-Videos.com offers an extensive set of training content on each of the generations of the InfoPath forms component of SharePoint, since 2007. A broad set of the tutorials we offer on InfoPath can be found by simply using the search feature of our site.

Later on the same day, Asif Rehmani, President of SharePoint-Videos.com, and Mark Gillis of Microsoft offered another session on the same topic, this one titled No Code SharePoint 2013 Solutions for Power Users.

Both sessions were entirely sold out, so it’s safe to say the InfoPath component of SharePoint is, perhaps, a mission critical feature for a large number of communities of SharePoint users. These organizations have expressed their interest in building the type of workflow applications at the core of “no code” process development with an extensive implementation of InfoPath systems.

But the themes of each of these sessions were very different. Koptyev and Lindhorst spent a lot of their time demonstrating the effort Microsoft® is making to provide InfoPath stakeholders with a realistic migration path towards a new direction for automating forms in a SharePoint computing environment. This new direction includes new features for Excel Services (including some of the Access 2013 capabilities), an expanded set of browser tools, and even some branding capabilities which may be forthcoming sometime later this year, or next, from the Word team.

Rehmani and Gillis approached the topic from a more optimistic perspective. From the traffic we received at our SharePoint booth subsequent to the “No Code SharePoint 2013 Solutions for Power Users” session, the audience was inspired by what they heard.

Ira Michael Blonder

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