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Incorporating Data Content Into SharePoint Without BCS or WCF? Consider Kapow Software

SharePoint is uniquely qualified to serve as the only platform capable of providing a panoramic, enterprise-wide document repository that can include the range of data content types utilized by a global business. Once taxonomies have been created (please take a moment and check out Mike Doane’s Overview of Taxonomies in SharePoint 2010 and his Guide to Planning Taxonomy Implementations for SharePoint 2010, then content can be meta tagged and added into the document repository. The result, on paper, can be an impressive reduction in duplicated efforts, along with a matching reduction in the sheer size of the document repository and, finally, substantial time savings with regard to locating important pieces of content that would otherwise be buried in some silo within the global business.

However, the realities of dealing with data content types that cannot be incorporated into SharePoint via Business Connectivity Services (BCS) or Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services is such that some consolidation projects just won’t work. Examples of this type of data include information contained in web pages; for example, hard-coded static web pages. Often the requirement is to re brand this content for a new look and feel, or a new publishing system that has been incorporated into SharePoint sites. For some global businesses the amount of this content can be very large. Heretofore, the task of rebranding the content amounted to a strictly manual process of copying the old content and pasting into to the new design–in short, a very costly and labor intensive process.

Kapow Software claims to have a solution to this problem. Time and personnel are certainly in short supply as global business wends its way into 2012; therefore, a solution like Kapow’s Content Migration tool makes good financial sense. It is important to note, as well, that this type of product adds substantial capability to efforts to empower SharePoint as “mission critical” to global business.

As mentioned above, SharePoint-Videos.com offers Mike Doane’s compelling tutorials on Taxonomy. As well, we offer several video tutorials on working with data content types, including a video tutorial introduction to document management in SharePoint, authored by Wendy Henry: https://www.visualsp.com/introducing-document-management/. If you would like to hear more about how our video training can be applied to ease the pain of importing all of your data content into a common content repository within SharePoint, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with additional suggested videos and specific tips.

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