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Implement a Learning Management System (LMS) to Quantify Usage of SharePoint Training Content

As SharePoint 2010 assumes the role of a mission critical application for heavily regulated businesses, metrics on user apprehension of SharePoint training content will be required as reports are issued on compliance with regulations. The following example illustrates why this reporting requirement will arise: with SharePoint 2010 serving, for example, as the document repository for any/all written records, a business operating in a heavily regulated industry sector will have to demonstrate the level to which employees have not only communicated within the boundaries of regulations such as HIPAA, but also on the extent to which they have managed, correctly, the task of storing communication within the designated secure document repository for the business, meaning SharePoint 2010. Of course, any, all of the required document management procedures will be completely specific to SharePoint 2010, hence the need to measure user training.

A top choice for collecting metrics on user training is typically provided through an implementation of a learning management system (LMS). With all electronic training content stored within an LMS, statistics by user can be easily obtained on:

  • The frequency of usage of training materials
  • Attendance at training sessions, including webinars and even “one on one” training sessions

Further, exercises and examinations can be stored in an LMS, thereby providing management with a scoring system suitable for demonstrating the extent to which required procedures have been understood across an enterprise on a per user basis.

Video tutorial training content like our SharePoint-Videos SharePoint 2010 training courses makes for great content to be included in an LMS. In addition to the statistics that we’ve already mentioned, management will also be able to determine the popularity of training content across the user community.

Further, users can be asked to rank tutorial content on a variety of factors, including popularity, usefulness, etc. With social media data like popularity readily available, management will have the required metrics to fine tune user training curricula to safeguard a high level of user interest in participating in training for SharePoint as well as to fill in gaps in instruction, as required.

The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a common protocol for LMS operation. Our training content can be made available in SCORM conformant format. If your business is heavily regulated and you are planning SharePoint training for users, then you should think about implementing an LMS with our video training content to deliver the best possible solution for your enterprise.

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