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Learn About A Hybrid Architecture for SharePoint 2013, On Premises, and SharePoint Online, Office 365

Many organizations supporting an on premises SharePoint implementation are looking for an interim step prior to proceeding on a full scale migration to SharePoint Online, Office 365. A hybrid architecture provides just this type of option. In an online class coming soon, exclusively on SharePoint-Videos.com, Fabian Williams, SharePoint Server MVP will present the components of high value hybrid SharePoint computing architecture and the steps to be taken to build and support it successfully.

Fabian’s class, titled Implementing SharePoint 2013 Hybrid for Search, Business Connectivity Services, OneDrive for Business and Yammer, will be held on October 9, 2014.

Simply a review of the title for this course surfaces key points where it may be helpful for organizations pondering how best to start a transition to SharePoint Online, to attend our course and then get going. SharePoint Online includes features perhaps worth the effort: Yammer is a strictly online social service. OneDrive for Business is also only available for Office 365 tenants.

Any organization considering how best to support a hybrid SharePoint computing environment will need to address search. Some organizations maintain an expectation about a data search service like the one included with SharePoint on premises, and the one included with SharePoint Online. These organizations need a reliable method of surfacing information on specific topics precisely when they need it. So anyone attending this class will benefit when Fabian addresses the unique role search must play if both a SharePoint Online and a SharePoint on premises environment are to be maintained in a hybrid computing strategy.

This course will also cover what should be a mandatory preliminary for any organization considering a hybrid SharePoint computing architecture. Before embarking on this type of project it makes complete sense to first determine whether a hybrid solution is the best option, given the specific needs of an organization. A successful method of fulfilling this requirement will be covered in the second segment of this course: “What you need to know before you embark on hybrid”.

Readers should note Fabian Williams recently led another online course on workflows, the BCS, and external data. Earlier posts to this blog, published over the last two weeks speak to this course. So it may make sense to review these short posts to get a feel of how Fabian will likely approach this presentation in early October on a hybrid computing architecture for SharePoint.

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