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Honing SharePoint Into a Mission Critical Application for Global Business

In a White Paper, Delivering Business-Critical Solutions with SharePoint 2010, released on November 17, 2011, Microsoft elevated its market discussion of SharePoint into the realm where Global Business CIOs and CTOs spend most of their time: the land of mission critical applications. Mission critical applications are usually found running in corporate data centers, which are the most secure hosting option available for global business.

The cornerstone of the argument, presented by this White Paper, for SharePoint as a mission critical application is that SharePoint, once implemented and correctly introduced to global business, is uniquely capable of delivering access to critical business information which would otherwise lie buried in Line of Business (LOB) silos. Further, through the use of Business Connectivity Services (BCS) or Web Services, SharePoint takes on a unique position within the enterprise as the sole platform capable of:

  1. Providing a common data repository that each line of business (LOB) can utilize and,
  2. Supporting forms processing for any external database capable of data communications via BCS and/or Web Services

From these two foundation-level claims, the White Paper goes on to enumerate further (familiar) higher level benefits for SharePoint, including substantial reductions in the type of duplication of effort that weighs heavily on IT departments within global businesses. This duplication of effort is characterized by IT systems development repeated, time after time, for LOBs (with different software platforms for business processing) within the global business. Training costs can also be reduced by utilizing one common platform, SharePoint, to house, access, and build critical business data. Further, by adopting a development method without code for BCS and/or Web Services connectors, existing IT staff can be empowered with tools to perform higher level development that would otherwise require new personnel with skills not readily available in today’s market.

Compelling argument and the right kind of thought leadership that ought to be forthcoming from Microsoft to further the successful proliferation of SharePoint throughout global businesses.

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