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Heavily Regulated Businesses can Use Out of the Box SharePoint 2010, Successfully, for Some Types of Records Management

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has produced a video training course, approximately 8 minutes in length, on the topic of In Place Records Management [with SharePoint 2010].

Intended Audience
This video training class is intended for an audience of SharePoint Administrators, Developers, Architects and other Power Users. Administrative privileges are required to replicate some of the procedures demonstrated in this course.

Important Note
The techniques demonstrated in this training class are not intended to replace comparable techniques for the SharePoint Records Center feature. Records Center procedures are designed to support a different purpose than the purpose of our training video for managing important records in place within a SharePoint 2010 work space.

Heavy regulated business must maintain records management methods that will reliably preserve documents in their final form without fear of unauthorized modification to these documents. Further, these methods must provide regulatory agencies with direct access, as required, to these records, and in a timely manner. Usually, these requirements necessitate that regulated businesses contract with comparatively expensive third party services providers who take on the responsibility for preserving these records and provisioning immediate access to regulators, as record.

On a daily basis, these records are routinely stored in SharePoint document libraries along with other documents that do not constitute records, from the perspective of regulatory requirements.

Our Training
It would benefit heavily regulated businesses to be able to differentiate records and other types of documents in place, within a user view of a document library. The gap, for most organizations, is that a button is not available on the SharePoint ribbon to check documents which are truly records and, as such, the type of document that cannot be altered or modified.

In fact, Site Collection Administrators for SharePoint 2010 can approve the addition of just such a button to the SharePoint ribbon. Our video training class demonstrates how a Site Collection Administrator can, in fact, set up the button from Site Settings. This type of training will be useful for heavily regulated businesses and other organizations in the public and/or not for profit sectors that need to provide an in place method of identifying any type of data item, including a list, document, or whatever as a record for regulatory compliance purposes.

If SharePoint 2010 provides the platform for your Intranet, and your business or other organization must comply with government regulations, you ought to consider equipping appropriate SharePoint users with the capability of identifying information that constitute records, directly within SharePoint. We can certainly provide you with the training content you require to demonstrate for your Site Collection Administrators just how they can get the job done. Please contact us, either by telephone us +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about video training content and/or consulting services.

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