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Get SharePoint Help As You Need It with Tutorial Videos from SharePoint-Videos.com

In part due to the very extensive set of features and capabilities built into Microsoft® SharePoint® users are often at a loss to determine what to actually do with this software. Microsoft speaks to this need with a short video, What Can SharePoint Do For You?.

What caught our eye about this video is that all of the capabilities claimed for SharePoint are described and illustrated visually, with references to global businesses that have achieved these specific benefits:

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • and Agility

within the systems they have built with SharePoint and its features. In sum, this video illustrates how necessary it is to master the technical features of SharePoint, else how would one obtain the portrayed benefits?

The extensive collection of over 350 video tutorials for all versions of SharePoint, including SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010, available on SharePoint-Videos.com can be used with extremely positive results to provide the entire range of users at global businesses and other large organizations, meaning SharePoint end users/readers/sub site owners, administrators, site collection administrators, architects, designers and developers with just the SharePoint Help they need. We’ve found that end users/readers/sub site owners, in particular, have a rather immediate need for SharePoint help. We’ve written elsewhere in this blog on the same topic, but to recap, our findings indicate a rather low level of interest on the part of these SharePoint users in SharePoint itself. They need to do something online and, for that reason alone, they have an interest in learning how to do what they want with SharePoint. Therefore, the technical training must be immediately available and within the work context. There is no better way that we know of to meet this training need than with instructional videos that can be accessed from within SharePoint and played, replayed and re-replayed as often as required until the desired technical feature has been mastered by the SharePoint user.

For developers/administrators/designers/site collection administrators and architects, it’s a different story. These users have a commitment to the technology. Therefore, they need to be “fed” all of the training they need, regardless of whether or not an immediate need exists for training. We speak to these needs with subscriptions to our entire collection of SharePoint instructional videos as available on our website. Once provided with subscriber credentials to our site, these users will have an opportunity to spend all of the time they may require to learn techniques, and related techniques to derive greater benefit from SharePoint.

We speak with SharePoint users on training issues every day. If you are grappling with deciding what to do with SharePoint and care to hear more about what we are hearing from other global businesses and large user communities, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate.

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