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Frame Governance Policy for SharePoint to Support Attainment of Business Objectives

In a recent blog post to the Information Management thread on CMS Wire Microsoft SharePoint MVP Christian Buckley recommends that implementation plans for SharePoint include support for business objectives. We fully agree with Christian’s point of view. Further, we think that the best place to start this type of implementation planning is around SharePoint governance.

Once implementation plans for SharePoint are aligned with business objectives, then IT representatives for the business should be established at the top of the governance structure for the effort. If business does not have a dedicated IT team, then enterprise IT should play the role. Of course, IT must play a substantial role, but one that fully supports the KPIs that business has identified and cited for analysis and intelligence gathering efforts.

With regard to the look and feel of SharePoint sites, branding must be consistent with business approved themes and structures. Team sites should be built and utilized in a manner that conforms to the structure of business units and their collaborators. Team discussion boards can and should be used to support and encourage the “right” type of collaboration for the attainment of common objectives.

As we have noted throughout this blog, Rehmani Consulting Inc offers all of the video tutorial content required to deliver an implementation of SharePoint 2010 that fully supports the attainment of most, if not any business objective. Regardless of the specific objectives that drive a decision to implement SharePoint, the essential computer procedures remain the same. Further, as long as best practices for SharePoint are ensconced at the center of the methodology for building and operating SharePoint, then the breadth of our set of over 400 tutorial videos, which is available in sets of subscriptions for video tutorial content for SharePoint users completely satisfies a requirement for tutorial content to empower a SharePoint plan and its users to extract the most benefit possible from attaining targeted objectives.

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