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Exposing Task Specific Video Training Content for SharePoint Supports End User Divergent-Thinking, a Key Component of Problem Solving

As noted in an abstract on the John Wiley web site for John Baer’s The Effects of Task-Specific Divergent-Thinking Training, ” . . . there is a growing body of evidence indicating that divergent-thinking skills may be very task specific . . .” (BAER, J. (1996), The Effects of Task-Specific Divergent-Thinking Training. The Journal of Creative Behavior, 30: 183–187. doi: 10.1002/j.2162-6057.1996.tb00767.x). It should be noted that divergent-thinking, essentially human creativity, has been shown to be a key component of human problem solving. Therefore, exposing task-specific video training content for a complex software product like SharePoint® should stimulate end user divergent-thinking about specific procedures, which ultimately ought to reduce support demands and translate into quantifiable cost savings.

VisualSP from Rehmani Consulting, Inc. accomplishes precisely the exposure required to contribute to increased self management for SharePoint 2010 end users. Our product facilitates an optimal method of accessing video training content for end users — task-specific exposure within the SharePoint ribbon. This video training content, as noted in a post to this blog published yesterday, best communicates the efficacy of asychronous behavior modeling, which is equally powerful as a benefit for end users to hasten their adoption of SharePoint by mastering more procedures.

Initial response to the debut of our product has been very encouraging. Representatives of organizations of SharePoint users have expressed a strong interest in learning further about how our product works and, specifically, how our video training content is exposed within a SharePoint work environment. Of course, this response is inspiring. This enthusiastic market response has lead us to publishing these most recent blog posts which, actually, have more to do with learning theory than with SharePoint itself. Through these posts we hope to let our readers know why a product like VisualSP is uniquely representative of the very best in contemporary theory as regards human technical training. If properly implemented, our product can lead to substantial reductions in the cost of support for groups of end users. After all, theory posits that these users will learn best from training aids that are located like our video content and available on demand, in other words asynchronously.

If you would like to learn further about our solution, please do reach out to us. We will be happy to elaborate on these references to learning theory with further information as to how our product can be used to deliver quantifiable reductions in the cost of support. Please contact us by telephone at +1 (630) 786-7026. Alternatively, you can contact us by email with any questions you may have about this video, the InfoPath 2010 set, and possible applications for individual as well as organizational-level viewing and use.

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