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Exploring InfoPath 2010 Controls for SharePoint Online

Our SharePoint-Videos dot com tutorial, “Explore InfoPath 2010 Controls” is part of a complete set of 15 classes on InfoPath 2010. Subscribers to our website can view this video. You can read about our SharePoint-Videos dot com subscription plans, or consider purchasing a DVD for either personal or enterprise video training in InfoPath 2010 to learn further about how you can view this video.

We thought it would be helpful to step through this video tutorial with our Office 365 SharePoint E3 plan account to advise anyone viewing the training of any differences between the environment portrayed in the video and SharePoint Online.

The intended audience for this video are power users, citizen developers, SharePoint administrators, developers and architects. To summarize the content of this video, most of the content highlights differences between InfoPath 2003, 2007 and the latest version, InfoPath Designer 2010. Therefore, users with experience with one or both of these earlier platforms will benefit most from reviewing this video.

The video begins with a blank InfoPath 2010 form. We should note that we could not find a “Section Layouts” option on our out of the box ribbon for InfoPath 2010 Designer, nor could we add a Layouts section to our set of controls from those offered on the Home ribbon for the application. We worked around this difficulty by selecting a form layout that included multiple controls.

Further, we could not find a “View” tab on our ribbon. When our video tutorial demonstrates a drag and drop capability that is consistent with InfoPath 2003 and/or 2007, we got to that same compatibility by clicking on “Table Tools” and then “Show Fields”. We then selected the “Home” tab and clicked on the button below the Controls Pane, which brought up a list of all controls on the right hand side of the work space, from which we could drag and drop any control that we required for inclusion in the form.

The demonstration of the Controls Tools Properties ribbon was completely consistent with our version of InfoPath Designer 2010. From a development perspective we found it helpful that the video instructs the viewer that fields data is scripted with XML. Further, it was equally helpful when the video demonstrates that the application is intelligent enough to notify the user that data will be duplicated when a named field is inserted multiple times within a form. Finally, this time from the perspective of citizen developers who are usually long on enthusiasm and interest, but short on understanding development, it was very helpful to learn that duplicate data might be collected via different controls on the same form as the properties of fields and controls are kept entirely discrete.

The video’s demonstration of the user’s ability to preview the form was also completely consistent with our desktop InfoPath Designer 2010 software, ditto for the demonstration of using the Rules button from the Control Tools Properties Ribbon to change the formatting of a selection made via a Drop-Down List Box control. It’s worth noting that the video instructs the viewer that field names cannot contain blank spaces, which we noted as missing from the first video in this set.

When a picture was inserted into the demonstration form we did not note the dialogue box that we received, which prompts us to set whether the picture is to be inserted as a link or as a part of the form. In order to gain the ability to assign an action to a picture, we needed to insert the picture as a part of the form, which looks to us like a security control that has been added to InfoPath Designer 2010 since the date of this video tutorial. It is also worth noting that the ability to change a picture on hover has been removed (in all likelihood for security reasons).

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