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Learn how to safely and simply customize some features of SharePoint by attending a webinar to be held on January 29, 2015

VisualSP Logo 250x80A lot of online editorial content about Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, lately, has to do with whether or not it makes sense for organizations to customize these multi-featured computing platforms.

An approach perhaps overlooked is to use no-code solutions to produce targeted features. Admittedly, no-code solutions (with the exception of Sway) are not of much use when customization requirements are about branding sites. Nor are these solutions useful for expanding the list of external data types suitable for reporting purposes. But if the requirement is to bolt on a method of handling employee expenses, or on-boarding them, then no-code workflows can certainly do the job. Best of all, workflows built with SharePoint Designer 2010, 2013, or Visio can work very well and safely with current versions of SharePoint Server.

If readers would like to learn more about the tools available to safely produce some custom SharePoint features, an upcoming webinar, which will include

  • Asif Rehmani, CEO of VisualSP
  • Ira Fuchs, a well known author and speaker on no-code topics
  • and Marc D. Anderson, a prominent developer in the JavaScript community and a key member of the jQuery JavaScript function library project

may be of interest. The webinar will be moderated by Jack Fruh, and enterprise SharePoint administrator and speaker at many conferences.

More information about this webinar, which is titled Quick and easy SharePoint customization solutions to help jumpstart your plans for 2015, can be found online, along with a method of registering to attend the event.

While the intended audience is not described on the registration page, it would make sense for any/all stakeholders in an effort to modify the functionality of SharePoint, on-premises, or SharePoint Online, to plan on attending some, if not all of the webinar. SharePoint administrators, developers, designers and other technical personnel should benefit, as well, from the webinar.

Technical objectives and the methods required to achieve them are increasingly being portrayed in functional terms. With a slight step backwards, this same process can easily become a matter of learning the business case requirements for targeted features. Of course, the best people to speak to these needs and the groups within organizations harboring them, are project stakeholders. Hence my recommendation, above, about these individuals considering attending a webinar like this one.

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