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How to present SharePoint end users with helpful content without adding an app or a trusted solution

VisualSP-Logo-Version-01-for-tswpblogAlmost every community of SharePoint users would benefit from a method of exposing helpful information directly to end users within the computing environment, itself. But an obstacle usually impedes this effort. The problem is most methods require the installation of either an app, or a full trust farm solution. By “app” I am referring to a computing process rather than the usual way apps are discussed with reference to SharePoint 2013, or to SharePoint Online, Office 365. A document library, or a list is actually considered an “app” in both of these SharePoint computing environments.

But there is no reason why pages of links to helpful content can not be added to site pages. These links, in turn, can be used to expose helpful content to SharePoint users where they need it most — meaning directly within the SharePoint computing experience.

Anyone familiar with VisualSP should understand the argument for an in-context access method to deliver the kind of training content built to be used on-demand.

But a Line of Business (LoB) within an organization supported by SharePoint may not be able to motivate a central IT organization to implement either an app or a full trust farm solution like VisualSP for on-premises SharePoint server.

Now LoBs can avail of a new method of supporting their personnel as they grapple with computing tasks in a SharePoint computing environment. We offer Multi-User Licensing to all of the video training content published on our web site. As of the date of this post, the content amounts to 911 video tutorials exclusively on technical topics about SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online/Office 365. Each of these subscription offers includes a unique token, literally a string of special characters, which can be included in the structure of a hot link on a web page. So the links SharePoint stakeholders from LoBs decide to expose to their users can point to specific video tutorials from our web site, without the need of a manual login procedure.

If your community of SharePoint users exists within an LoB and you would benefit from a rapid method of provisioning the kind of helpful content we host on our site, we highly recommend you consider one of our group subscriptions. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs directly, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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