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SharePoint 2013 is Widely Recognized as an Attractive Solution for Information Governance

SharePoint-Videos publishes lots of training content on configuring SharePoint 2010 and 2013 as an enterprise solution for records management, or content, or even document management.

We aren’t alone in this opinion. No less an authoritative source as Forrester Research offers a webcast and/or a report on the same topic.

Further, when we used the Google Search Engine to look into the number of references to SharePoint to be found on the web site of the Risk Management Institute, we learned quickly the site is, apparently, published on SharePoint, itself.

So the posts we’ve published to this blog on what we take to be high value methods of implementing SharePoint for records management, ECM and/or EDM are generally acknowledge as worth while pursuits across the industries one would expect to make use of them.

But the depth of content we offer on these topics on SharePoint-Videos is actually unique, and unlikely to be found anywhere else online. We don’t offer the strategic overview on why enterprise businesses, and comparably sized organizations in the public and not-for-profit sectors should consider building their automated systems for regulatory compliance, etc, on SharePoint. But we do offer the technical training even stakeholders without a functional reason to use SharePoint should find beneficial.

As the Forrester summaries make clear, a lot of businesses have captured substantial value from their efforts to craft SharePoint into, for example, a records management solution. We can’t help but think a lot of the value can be found in hard dollar cost savings as regards opting to use SharePoint in this capacity, as opposed to proceeding with other tools, which, on the surface, may appear more useful for the task, but, nevertheless, prove to be more costly. Certainly this approach to capturing value will make even more sense for organizations with a SharePoint implementation in place, since some of the task of amortizing the implementation costs for the platform is already likely to have been accomplished.

If your organization is considering how best to approach a need to build a procedure for handling records, content and even documents, you should at least consider SharePoint. We are available to let you know how in-context, on demand training content, like outs, can play a pivotal role as you work to achieve the value you are after. Please contact us to learn more.

Ira Michael Blonder

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