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Document and Records Management is a Fast Growing Enterprise Application for SharePoint

Whether as the result of greater regulatory scrutiny of large organizations in the public as well as private sectors, or in the interest of building truly useful Business Intelligence (BI) systems, enterprise efforts to manage documents across SharePoint (commonly referred to as Enterprise Content Management, ECM)is an area of growing interest on the part of users. The same can be said of records management, though the requirements and methods of managing records are different and more formalized as the result of literally decades of scrutiny of this type of data.

SharePoint Server 2010 offers out of the box features that support ECM and records management. Microsoft® has produced a web page on Content Management System for Enterprise (ECM) SharePoint 2010. The product name is simply “Content”.

In fact this “Content” product is a combination of several features of SharePoint covered by our video tutorials, including Version Control, working with Retention Schedules and establishing correct document level permissions to ensure that any required legal holds on documents are properly respected throughout daily business operations. All of our SharePoint-Videos dot com tutorials on managing documents with SharePoint Server 2010 can be reviewed on a single web page. You will note specific video tutorials for SharePoint 2010 on:

  • Check Out, Check In process in Document Libraries
  • Versioning Settings in Document Libraries

You will also note relevant video tutorials for SharePoint 2007 which, nonetheless, may be specifically useful in a SharePoint 2010 environment. Two of the SharePoint 2007 videos are, in fact, specific to building workflows that support “Content” activities; therefore, similar workflows can certainly be built for SharePoint 2010 environments. These SharePoint 2007 video tutorials include:

  • Introducing Document Management
  • Control Content Approval and Publishing on a Library with Approval Workflow
  • Using the Disposition Approval Workflow

A review of our specific video tutorials on workflow will also be useful for enterprise class organizations looking to assemble a useful set of video training for SharePoint 2010 “Content” applications. We highly recommend looking at our video tutorials on out of the box SharePoint 2010 workflows. Further, reviewing the list of all of our video tutorials on SharePoint Designer 2010 and InfoPath 2010 can be very helpful as users assemble ECM plans.

If ECM is a core requirement of your plan to implement SharePoint 2010 it is certainly cost effective to explore, in detail, your options to craft an internal solution that best suits the needs of your organization prior to looking externally for a third party solution or solutions to accomplish the same objective. We welcome opportunities to speak with organizations at this juncture. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for a conversation on this topic. Please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about this offer. Of course we are happy to speak about your SharePoint development plans, as well.

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