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Developer Tools for JavaScript and jQuery in SharePoint Server 2013

In another video tutorial included in our set on SP13-306 SharePoint 2013: JavaScript and jQuery, Marc Anderson, SharePoint MVP, and published author on this topic, continues to describe why developers with a strong background in mark up languages and Cascading Style Seets (CSS) will take very easily to JavaScript and jQuery development for SharePoint 2013.

The title to this third video tutorial in the set, “Important Development Tools with JavaScript and jQuery”, opens with an argument for including Internet Explorer (IE) development tools in the set of tools used for testing processes built with JavaScript and jQuery. Marc Anderson states the issue clearly: website designers tend not to build sites for IE, but given SharePoint customer community, it is highly likely IE will be a widely used browser, so developers should pay attention to it. Marc also notes SharePoint “renders things differently in IE than it does in other browsers”.

We note these remarks as we experienced them, ourselves, almost 10 years ago when we were directly involved with building websites and processes for publishing web pages. Back them the argument was the same: IE did not conform to the other popular browsers, so why build sites for it. Once again, the answer was the same as the one Marc Anderson presents in this video tutorial — Because lots of people still use IE.

In contrast, Yaroslav Pentsarskyy has included Firefox Firebug as a developer tool of choice in video tutorial sets we published recently on SharePoint 2013 branding, as well as in an earlier set on SharePoint 2010 Branding. Marc Anderson does mention Firebug, but only after he spends the first have of the video presenting the IE Developer Toolbar. He mentions a preference for Firebug when it comes to debugging scripts and dealing with “net” issues. He also mentions Firebugs ability to present “the live DOM” without a need for the refresh button develed to use with the IE Developer Tool Bar when they want to analyze dynamic content.

Ira Michael Blonder

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