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Consumers Still Have a Need for EDM, ECM and BPM Solutions

SharePoint-Videos.com offers a series of products designed to support SharePoint communities as they work to maximize the value of the computing platform they’ve opted to implement. More often than not, the method used to extract this value is to implement SharePoint as either an Enterprise Document or Content Management solution (ECM or EDM), or as a Business Process Management (BPM) solution. I argue any other type of application of SharePoint (for example, as a solution for Governance Risk and Compliance requirements) is actually built upon one these three solution architectures.

Skeptical readers might question the popularity of ECM, EDM or BPM across enterprise businesses, or comparably sized organizations in the public, or not-for-profit sectors. If OpenText can be taken as an example of a computing platform built, entirely, to cater to the needs of EDM, ECM, BPM and even Enterprise Information Management (EIM), then the answer is “we’re doing very well, thank you”. This business recently announced a stock split, as well as a strategic acquisition. The investor community is keen on the business and recently ran up the price of OpenText stock in the aftermath of its latest quarterly earnings report.

But a burning need for EDM, ECM, BPM, or EIM is not simply characteristic of larger businesses. Any business needs to collect information into a manageable form. The only method of successfully attaining this objective will be to opt for one of these solution architectures.

Smaller businesses can satisfy their needs in this area via Office 365. Enterprise Office 365 plans are available, which will allow smaller organizations to consume otherwise unavailable resources like SQL Server. VisualSP, our help system for SharePoint is now available as an App for Office 365 via the Windows Store. Please contact us if you can use more information on our App for SharePoint Online via Office 365.

We don’t see consumer appetite for any of these solution architectures abating anytime soon. So it still makes sense to plan for user adoption if your organization is determined to extract the most value from your investment in SharePoint.

Ira Michael Blonder

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