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Configuring Rules in InfoPath 2010 for SharePoint Online

We tested our SharePoint-Videos tutorial on “Configuring Rules in InfoPath 2010” with our SharePoint Online E3 plan account. The intended audience for this video are power users who are very comfortable laying out table design with Microsoft Office tools as well as SharePoint Administrators, Developers, Architects. Some prior experience with InfoPath 2003 or 2007 will also go far. This video is part of our InfoPath 2010 set of video tutorials. A subscription to our web site is required to view this tutorial. Customers have an option to purchase this InfoPath 2010 video training on a DVD for either individual, or enterprise use.

This video opens with a new version of the Expense form that has provided the working example for the first and second videos in this series. We highly recommend that viewers modify their local InfoPath 2010 form to conform to the new layout and fields presented in this video, which include a simple calculated value field. All of the instructions included in this training worked entirely as presented with our Desktop InfoPath 2010 client (which came with our Office 365 E3 plan). The form also published perfectly to our SharePoint Online Forms Library (the publishing time can be lengthy so plan on waiting patiently).

Obtaining training on a topic like this one via a video, which can be repeated as frequently as viewers require, is an excellent choice for organizations looking to quickly outfit policies and procedures with forms that users can complete online via a web browser. The task specific nature of the training presentation also lends itself to the same repetitive viewing that usually accompanies a real process of comprehension on the part of users. Our only caveat is, as we mentioned at the top of this review, that viewers with prior experience with either InfoPath 2003 or 2007 will particularly benefit as they will have the requisite experience to quickly set up the example form to match the instructions provided in our video.

If your organization plans on streamlining application development around forms creation with InfoPath 2010, then you ought to seriously consider our video tutorial set on this topic as a perfect accompaniment to your efforts. The unstructured data collected with forms produced with InfoPath 2010 can, of course, prove very useful for a wide range of applications, including Business Intelligence (BI) gathering. We would welcome an opportunity to explore this content with you. Please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about this offer. Of course we are happy to speak about your SharePoint development plans, as well.

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