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Configuring Administrative Settings including Security for Business Connectivity Services

As noted on Microsoft’s Technet Website in an article titled Business Connectivity Services (BCS) security overview (SharePoint Server 2010), “[t]he security features of Microsoft Business Connectivity Services enable administrators to safely connect to and interact with external data in a SharePoint Server deployment.” It is important to note that the author(s) of this article discuss a method “to safely connect to” external data. In the interests of ensuring that any/all data communication between SharePoint Server 2010 and any/all external data sources is as safe as possible, the task of managing the administration of BCS must be strictly restricted to SharePoint Administrators and those other users with equivalent permission.

We are sensitive to the security requirement for BCS. Included in our video tutorial set for BCS for SharePoint Server 2010 is an 8 minute video course on BCS Administration and Security presented by the author of this set of SharePoint training, Raymond Mitchell. This tutorial demonstrates settings to be made via Central Administration for the SharePoint Farm. Interested parties can purchase this tutorial at a cost of $195.00 for individual use, or at a cost of $1995.00 for an enterprise license for unlimited viewing by an enterprise user community.

Our administration and security video tutorial demonstrates how to create administrative models (including security settings) that may be exported and imported across a SharePoint Farm and Site Collections, as required. We include an example that avails of the “Set Objects Permissions” feature of Business Data Connectivity (BDC) Services. Raymond Mitchell notes that the permissions set with this feature are not useful for any permissions required to connect to external content, rather, these permission settings are used to manage who may access the external content types, lists, profile pages, etc. that have been built with external data.

Raymond Mitchell further notes that the “Set Objects Permissions” feature can and should be used to manage access to the Metadata Store, itself, which allows an administrator to configure the BCS in a manner that will be inherited by any subsequent external content type that may be created in the future. As well these settings can be propagated across the SharePoint Farm, even if the settings are made after access settings have been configured for specific external content types that may have been created at an earlier time.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use SharePoint Designer 2010 to create a BDC model (which can include multiple external content types, etc) as well as how to export the model so that it can be managed via Central Administration.

If your organization is considering the administrative and security aspects of BCS within the context of a wider change in how SharePoint is used within your organization, we welcome an opportunity to discuss your application with you directly. Please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about our video training content.

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