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Collaboration Across Enterprise SharePoint gets Sticky with KZO Innovation’s Business Video Offering

Unearthing legitimate, useful applications for collaboration, through social media features, for global business and other large organizations over SharePoint has been a difficult task. Nevertheless, as applications have evolved, social media capabilities, like group ratings and group comments, seem to be delivering meaningful value for global businesses over enterprise implementations of SharePoint.

We’ve written earlier in this blog about Pulse V2 from Neudesic. We specifically applauded features of the Pulse product that leveraged group ratings and group comments to aid sales team that need to locate, review and digest all of the information about customers and prospects very quickly. Now we’ve identified another type of content, business video, this time with regards to a SharePoint Add-On from KZO Innovations, that delivers value to global businesses through a use of social media features over enterprise SharePoint. Once again, the social media features are group commenting and ratings. But now, the benefit is significantly enhanced access to, and enterprise-wide cognizance of, business information included in video content.

Business information in video data format is highly resistant to enterprise search techniques and other methods of rendering the information visible to the enterprise. The loss for global businesses with significant amounts of video data content is that users of business intelligence (BI) tools will fail to include this video data in their assessments; therefore, resulting decisions made from BI assessments for these global businesses may be off the point or even erroneous. One can successfully argue that business video content has to be included in any BI assessment by any means available.

The KZO Media Player is a great tool for improving access to business video data. This video player allows an audience for business videos to add a substantial amount of text information about specific

  • moments (or seconds) of time within the videos, and
  • points (as plotted on X and Y axes) within the video or even still slides

Clothed in the recorded text comments and ratings offered by users, more of the video is illuminated for the organization. As an added benefit, the videos themselves retain a fresh quality. Finally, the player can be applied with positive results to corporate efforts to offer group training. Check out KZO’s Training Solution for further information.

We at Rehmani Consulting Inc and SharePoint-Videos.com are particularly enthused about KZO’s media player and other features (to be presented in a subsequent blog post). If you would like to hear more about how our video training can be applied with KZO innovations within your SharePoint implementation, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with additional suggested videos and specific tips.

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