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Some Sources on Why Cultural Transformation is an Important Foundation for Collaboration Within an Organization

On February 13, 2014, we will host an online course, “Making Enterprise Social Real in Your Organization with Yammer and SharePoint”, to be led by Ms. Naomi Moneypenney.

Just in case readers are skeptical about the importance of having a useful cultural foundation in place, internally, prior to embarking on a campaign to implement collaboration features, I thought it might be useful to provide some citations from acknowledge authoritative thinkers on this topic.

Readers may want to take a look at an article on the Pepperdine University website, Recognizing Organizational Culture in Managing Change. This article is authored by Mark Mallinger, PHD, Don Goodwin, MBA and Tetsuya O’Hara, MBA. According to the authors of this article “[e]vidence suggests that organization members are more inclined to embrace change when the organization’s culture is aligned with the mission and goals of the company.”. The authors’ claim supports a point I made in the prior post to this blog: without management buy-in and active “nourishment” of a collaboration effort, then it will likely fail. The reason for the likely failure? ” . . . the organization’s culture [will not be] aligned with the missions and goals of the company.”

In an article titled “SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY AND THE CHANGING CONTEXT OF LEADERSHIP, which is published on the Wharton University of Pennsylvania web site, Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton emphasize the importance of the support of an organization’s leadership for any collaboration effort promising to succeed. Further, the authors content organizations need to approach the whole notion of leadership, itself, from a different angle, if efforts to implement collaboration solutions are to succeed.

Finally, a search of the prestigious Harvard Business Review website, produced 129 results for the query “culture of collaboration”.

Certainly it makes sense to carefully assess the readiness of your organization’s internal culture before diving into an effort to implement SharePoint’s collaboration feature set. If your organization can use some help in this area, then please let us know. Perhaps one of our partners can be of help as you go through the internal assessment process.

Ira Michael Blonder

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