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SharePoint-Videos Adds a Set of Video Tutorials on the Necessity of Enterprise Social

Subscribers to SharePoint-Videos can now learn about Yammer and how the availability of this online service is changing what can be done with social computing within a SharePoint computing environment. All of this information is included in a set of video tutorials led by Naomi Moneypenney, CTO of Synxi, titled Making Enterprise Social Real in your Organization with Yammer and SharePoint.

For those readers unaware of Naomi Moneypenney, and Synxi, it should suffice to say Moneypenney has played an active role facilitating engagement across several of Microsoft’s public Yammer feeds, including the Office 365 Technical Network Group. With regards to the latter, This writer found Moneypenney to be very helpful during Microsoft’s recent “YamJam”. Synxi, Moneypenney’s company, is working on machine learning and a delve-like solution for SharePoint 2013 on premises.

Moneypenney leads our class. She presents a number of compelling reasons why communities of SharePoint users should seriously consider implementing Yammer at the core of an “Enterprise Social” initiative. In fact, she characterizes this initiative as a kind of mission-critical application for SharePoint — the “necessity of enterprise social”. Anyone attending the online course which provided the content for this set of video tutorials couldn’t help but note the lengths to which Moneypenney went to demonstrate how Yammer groups can be used to provide the effect of email, but on steroids. In fact, the entire course was full with these kinds of allusions, along with a set of suggestions as to how communities should work to obtain the benefits implicit to social computing.

Much of the content included in this course is best summarized as a set of best practices for social computing. Since Moneypenney presents her own extensive set of experience with Yammer, SharePoint newsfeeds, and other types of social computing, anyone viewing the entire course who, perhaps, is brand new to social computing, stands to benefit. After all, at a minimum, following some of the best practices presented in the class can, in all likelihood, save time, not to mention money, otherwise wasted along a “wrong path”.

Ira Michael Blonder

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