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Mandatory Requirements for Successfully Implementing SharePoint Collaboration Features

SharePoint-Videos.com offers specialized sets of video training content. Several of these sets are designed to show SharePoint stakeholders how to implement the computing environment in a project management scenario. Dux Raymond Sy, a SharePoint MVP and widely respected spokesperson on SharePoint authored both of these sets.

Project management is merely one of several methods of implementing SharePoint to encourage collaboration within communities of users. If an important mandatory requirement is not in place, however, these communities will encounter substantial obstacles as they try to successfully achieve the benefits they require. Communities of users have to be culturally primed to use these features.

Certainly it’s easier to prepare a community to implement a formal process of managing business projects. SharePoint stakeholders can easily demonstrate how best practices for project management include many methods of enhancing management’s ability to control project costs, and to ensure stated objectives are actually delivered subsequent to purchase approvals.

But the task of preparing an organization to capture the payback potential from social networking, with Yammer, for example, is a much more vexing challenge. One can make a convincing case the same challenges, albeit at a more subdued level, can also threaten any objective to capture the real value from project management efforts.

So we are very pleased to announce an online class Making Enterprise Social Real in your Organization with Yammer and SharePoint – Online Class. A quick review of the syllabus for this course produces several topics relevant to the cultural challenge social networking can represent to an organization, and how to overcome it. For example, our class will cover “Cultural transformation, organizational agility and responsiveness . . . ” (quoted from the course summary, which can be reviewed, in entirety, via the link provided here), which are 3 very important benefits organizations can call on to motivate important stakeholders to jump on the “enterprise social” bandwagon.

Naomi will also cover a couple of important steps any organization will need to take as it builds its “enterprise social” foundation: “Building a Power User Community”, establishing effective metrics for a successful enterprise social networking effort (“How to measure success for your organization”), and, finally, “[roles] that are necessary as your network grows”.

Anyone reading the course overview will also note a technical component to the content. Ms. Moneypenney’s company builds and markets an artificial intelligence application, which is designed to support enterprise social networking tools, including Yammer.

I plan on writing more on the cultural foundation required for a successful enterprise social networking effort with SharePoint in the next post to this blog.

Ira Michael Blonder

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