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Codeless Development Methods are a Best Bet for Building Applications On SharePoint 2010

Dr. Zwei Song, Ph.D. of Microsoft Corporation published a blog post on MSDN back in February of 2010: Codeless SharePoint Development. Dr. Song identifies several of the costly drawbacks for opting for application development for SharePoint with programming code. These include:

  1. Developers are required who can write programming code
  2. Programming code must be tested, debugged and optimized; each of these requirements requires personnel with requisite levels of experience to ensure correctness of completion
  3. Operational resources must understand how to implement hard coded applications; therefore technical documentation that supports the application must be developed
  4. Points 2 and 3 above can result in a lengthy development cycle that may not satisfy operational requirements

Points 1 through 4 are true for most all types of coded application development for SharePoint. The end results of these 4 factors is that the cost of programming processes to sit ontop of SharePoint 2010 is costly. As well, important users within a SharePoint community, typically Gartner’s “citizen developers” are excluded from participating in a development process that requires programming code for implementation. This latter point is especially detrimental in the enterprise business computing environment of 2012, which has been characterized as full of users clamoring and pressuring IT organizations to permit the use of devices and computing resources that have yet to be approved. Leaving these citizen developers out in the cold with regard to SharePoint by restricting development to hard coded applications, only, makes little sense.

Rather, as Dr. Song made abundantly clear in his MSDN post, codeless development is the way to go for provisioning value-rich applications within a SharePoint 2010 workspace. The instructional video content on SharePoint-Videos dot com is full of examples of codeless development approaches for SharePoint 2010 and even for SharePoint 2007. We are particularly deep in training content for codeless development opportunities afforded by SharePoint Designer 2010.

Avoid the pitfalls delineated by Dr. Song in his post. Opt for codeless development approaches wherever possible. The processes produced by other tested applications like SharePoint Designer 2010 and InfoPath 2010 will be readily supported by support staff otherwise untrained in programming, but rich in experience with either of these products. Codeless development translates into a highly efficient, value-rich process creation methodology worth pursuing.

We are absolutely positive that codeless development makes the most sense for any organization seriously considering SharePoint as a value-rich workspace. We welcome opportunities to elaborate on these points. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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