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Changes in SharePoint Search for SharePoint 2013 are Worth Review

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In this blog post we will introduce what we know about changes in search included in SharePoint 2013.

In a TechNet article, Changes from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, Microsoft makes clear that the FAST Search database connector for SharePoint 2010 has been deprecated with SharePoint 2013, along with the FAST Search Lotus Notes Connector, and the FAST Search Web Crawler. Therefore, organizations that have deployed FAST Search for SharePoint 2010, that plan on migrating to SharePoint 2013 should plan on migrating off of FAST Search to the new search features included with SharePoint Server 2013. We note that Microsoft points a migration path from the FAST Search Database Connector to the ” . . . Business Data Catalog-based indexing connectors in the BCS framework .” (quoted from an article on the TechNet web site for which we have provided a link in this paragraph) for SharePoint 2013.

With FAST Search deprecated, the structure and components for search are largely new in SharePoint 2013. Microsoft has provided another article on TechNet, Overview of search in SharePoint Server 2013 to provide SharePoint stakeholders with a summary of the components of Search for SharePoint 2013 as well as the structure of the server for the search function.

For the purposes of our discussion we will focus on components of search that specifically support enterprise search architecture, rather than “Internet Sites Search” architecture for SharePoint 2013. We do not plan on detailing any differences in the hardware infrastructure required to support enterprise search. We do note that interested parties who read the article on TechNet just referenced may also want to review another article on TechNet, Scale search for performance and availability in SharePoint Server 2013 which provides lots of information on how to plan on hardware and virtual machine support for enterprise search for SharePoint 2013.

In the next post to this blog we will look at Microsoft’s recommendations as to how best organize content for search for SharePoint 2013.

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