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Why SharePoint Developers Need to be Comfortable Building Apps for SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint developers need to move into a comfort zone on the topic of building “apps”. SharePoint server 2013 provides them with an opportunity to attain this objective. On November 12, 2013, Yaroslav Pentsarskyy will teach an online course, Building Robust SharePoint 2013 hosted Apps for productivity and profit – Online Class. This course can provide a lot of the technical content these developers will need to attain their objective.

The “app” process development method is the best approach to building processes for SharePoint Server 2013. It is, reliably, the most likely approach to satisfying end user needs for a uniform, and stable SharePoint computing experience regardless of the hardware device behind their interaction with SharePoint.

In 2013 SharePoint developers need to plan on end users connecting to SharePoint from smart phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and even game consoles. The “app” model, which is built entirely around JavaScript (a scripting language best suited for writing processes users can execute with web browsers) presents the method most likely to endow developers with the capability to meet this important requirement.

The other important tool developers will need to implement to successfully build processes as SharePoint 2013 “apps” is jQuery. By mastering jQuery, SharePoint developers can safely hasten the task of building these processes with highly reliable functions from a widely accepted library, which is supported by a global community of users. Why write something from scratch, when what is required has already been built and can be simply plugged into a process?

The skills our course attendees will learn from this class can also be applied to other types of cloud computing systems. After all, the web browser has become the universal lightweight client almost any shared application is written to exploit. Since the web browser is available for any type of hardware device as the method of computer processing most users will look to use, regardless of whether they choose to connect to the internet from a smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop, the near term future of application development will likely be all about an “app” development model.

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