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Architecting Methods of Delivering Training Content Contributes Substantial Value

We recently had several conversations with Susan Hanley, an Information Architect for Microsoft SharePoint We are largely engaged in the development of technical training content for Microsoft SharePoint in video format. Our catalog of video tutorial content exclusive to SharePoint is unique. Therefore, we welcomed an opportunity to speak with Susan to get her take on what matters for typical SharePoint users on the subject of technical training.

Susan Hanley let us know that she always includes a training component with every engagement. Further, she affirmed our position that training is the best method of bridging the gap between plain, out of the box SharePoint and an enterprise class software workspace rich in valuable cost savings. What we learned from our discussion was the need to design sets of training in a manner that is entirely consistent with the view of the user. Actually, Susan’s point wasn’t new, but when she emphasized the importance of catering to SharePoint users with limited permissions–meaning so-called readers–then we started to take notice.

In fact, we can understand why Susan emphasized the need for a sense of urgency on our part on the need to incorporate the view of readers in our training curricula. After all, for highly regulated businesses, limited permissions for users are more the norm than the exception for SharePoint Server 2010. Therefore, training needs that may otherwise seem trivial are actually quite pressing.

Simple procedures, like SharePoint Search, Susan noted, elude the grasp of users who haven’t the time or the inclination to spend much time locating training. But if we fail to provide them with the training they need to properly search SharePoint document repositories, then we run the risk of losing the SharePoint adoption challenge. If we are committed to demonstrating hard cost savings to management as the result of implementing SharePoint, then we may as well waive the flag of surrender coincidental with abandoning this quest. Bottom line: there is no point implementing SharePoint if users will not avail of its features.

Therefore, including training on deceptively simple subjects like how to search SharePoint and, further, how to run a boolean query across a SharePoint Farm and its document repositories, is mandatory. Further, a set of video training content on this subject and others that are specifically required by SharePoint readers must be offered in a manner that is easily accessed directly from within SharePoint, and in small enough bites that can be quickly scanned to locate just the right tutorial for a need at hand.

The next couple of posts on this blog will look to break out some of our set of 105 video tutorials for so-called end users of SharePoint Server 2010 into manageable chunks of training for different groups of users based around SharePoint Server 2010 permissions. If you appreciate where we’re headed on this thread, please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion. We are always keen to learn topics of interest to you.

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