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Apps will play a big role for Windows 8 and for SharePoint 2013

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has produced a short video training course on building apps with SharePoint 2013. Apps are a very important feature not only of SharePoint 2013, but of Windows 8 itself.

If one has any doubts about the importance of apps, from Microsoft’s perspective, simply consider that Microsoft has created its own app store, ” . . . which will make it easier for solution builders to reach of the billion people using Office.” (quoted from Ludovic Hauduc’s Introduction to Microsoft Office Cloud App Model as posted to MSDN). The key concept here is ease of access. In fact, much of the success of the Microsoft computing paradigm for enterprise IT customers can be attributed to the depth and diversity of customization options as the result of a substantial developer community and, in turn, authorized partner network. For this enterprise IT market place, the existence of a substantial partner network, and a very wide range of complementary applications, contributed to the tremendous popularity and adoption of Windows computing by this big business and/or government market.

But in 2012 the challenge of market expansion is located within the so-called “consumerization” of IT and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement where office works are bringing to the enterprise IT computing environment tablets, smart phones, media players and more. The availability of complementary applications for Windows computing for BYOD applications has been, comparatively, much more limited than has been the case for Microsoft competitors — iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Therefore, Ludovic Hauduc, in our opinion, is speaking about the BYOD market when he mentions the need to use the Office App Store as a means of “making is easier for solution builders to reach . . . the billion[s of] people using Office”.

To reiterate, developing apps that can be offered via the Microsoft Office App Store is a critical imperative for Microsoft, one which promises (if successful) to reinforce the position of Office applications within the enterprise while expanding the utility of Office core applications for BYOD usage.

At the same time, a successful effort by Microsoft on this front will provide much needed support to enterprise IT organizations that have fought hard over the last few years to resist pressure to recklessly endorse cloud computing and/or BYOD computing. In fact, enterprise IT has posited a much higher cost of operation as the result of these new trends and, therefore, has strenuously objected to jumping on board in a big way.

If your organization is considering an implementation of SharePoint 2013 you ought to look closely at Office Apps and how they can be leveraged to deliver a more satisfactory computing experience for all your users, including those calling for a significant role for BYOD. Rehmani Consulting, Inc offers consulting services and some very early video training content on SharePoint 2013 that can be useful as you prepare for your intended implementation. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about the solution we offer for your need.

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