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Any Useful End User Training System for SharePoint 2013 Should Include Familiarized Content

SharePoint end users will be more likely to assimilate technical training content if the content includes familiar features of their daily computing environment. SharePoint stakeholders should, therefore, seriously consider the pros and cons of building this type of training content for their communities of SharePoint users.

A community of end users trained in the technical steps required, of them, to successfully accomplish their work in a SharePoint 2013 computing environment, are much more likely to adopt the SharePoint computing experience, and, therefore, can make a much more meaningful contribution to return on investment in the platform. When higher levels of adoption are factored into a quantification of a return on investment scenario for SharePoint 2013, the cost of producing compelling training content with the familiar trappings usually included in the most useful training aides, will likely make sense.

But how best to expose custom training content to end users once the content has been created? VisualSP, with its unique “Help” tab for the SharePoint 2013 ribbon, provides a superior method of delivering custom training content directly to end users from inside SharePoint.

We’ve included a lot of features in this Help System specifically intended to help SharePoint stakeholders quickly expose their custom training content to their end users. One of these features permits language sensitive organization, sorting, and exposure of training content. Our system will work with each of the language packs added to a specific SharePoint 2013 installation. If the Spanish, or French language pack has been added to SharePoint (purely as an example. Any other language pack will work as well), then an opportunity exists for SharePoint stakeholders to expose training aids to French speaking, or Spanish speaking SharePoint end users.

Another feature worth looking into is the conduit our system provides to SharePoint stakeholders to pull any training asset they need into SharePoint. The only substantial requirement of adding custom content into our system amounts to how the asset is to be accessed. Any content with a URL can be included in our system. In fact, each and every asset in our system does include a URL, right out of the box. So, as long as security policies permit stakeholders to pull content into the system from web locations, the whole internet becomes a content repository for SharePoint 2013 stakeholders.

We will be happy elaborate on any of these points. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Ira Michael Blonder

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