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Administering Microsoft Exchange and Lync in Office 365

Microsoft Exchange and Lync are feature rich applications. Prior to the launch of Microsoft Office 365, it was difficult for small to medium size businesses to obtain the considerable value otherwise available from these services. For example, installing and maintaining Microsoft Exchange for a small business would not make sense on any basis other than a time share (meaning a monthly rental) as the cost of purchasing the server along with the cost of securing technical management services would be far beyond the reach of this class of business customer. Finally, even where Exchange mail services have been secured through Microsoft’s Partner network, the typical client method of accessing services, in other words a GUI dashboard, would not support accessing the very wide range of capabilities inherent to Exchange, Forefront for Outlook, etc.

All of the above has now changed with Office 365. Limited administration capabilities are granted to any/all subscribers. The administration dashboard provides subscribers with the ability to configure:

  • Distribution Groups
  • so-called Room Mailboxes and Equipment Mailboxes
  • Forefront Protection for Exchange for implementing fine-grained rules, tracking IP addresses, verifying receipt of email, and more

As is often the case with Microsoft products, capturing substantial value (for example, utilizing Office 365 to administer contact lists in lieu of using a third party service to do the same at yet another additional cost) depends upon cutting through the fog and understanding what capabilities are now at hand for utilizing email marketing to capture revenue, lower administration costs, etc.

We have taken a step forward precisely as regards cutting through the fog of technical documentation on the management options for Microsoft Exchange and Lync through a series of instructional video tutorials on Office 365 administration, including SharePoint 2010 these video tutorials are available to all subscribers to our online repository of tutorial video content on SharePoint and, now, Office 365. Learn more about our SharePoint-Videos dot com subscription offers. We are comfortable that you will be able to identify an offer that makes sense for your organization.

Assuming that a business subscriber to Office 365 successfully cuts through the training fog, the benefits to be captured include lots of hard dollar cost savings. As we mentioned above, a subscription to Office 365 probably obviates any need for a third party email contact service; therefore, count on saving related costs for Constant Contact® or one of its competitors. Ditto any costs related to a professional DropBox or YouSendIt account, ditto any costs related to a WebEx or GoToMeeting account and much more. In sum, a subscription to Office 365 for a small to medium size business makes lots of sense.

We are very interested in your impression of Office 365, as well as the functionality that you would like to better understand about this offer. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about this topic.

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