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Adding Promoted Links in SharePoint 2013 is a Straightforward Process

This is the second of two blog posts on the topic of Promoted Links, which is a new feature of SharePoint 2013. In this second post we comment, specifically, on a video tutorial, Display important links graphically using Promoted Links web part.

We repeated each step that Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT takes to create three Promoted Links in this video. As Asif Rehmani points out, the five links that are exposed just below “Get Started with Your Site” on the Site Collection Page of a Team Site, in SharePoint 2013, is an example of the Promoted Links web part.

The first step in adding a Promoted Links web part to a SharePoint 2013 page is to click on the gear symbol on the right hand side of the top links bar of a SharePoint 2013 Team Site. From the gear symbol, one clicks on “Add an App”. Keep in mind that, as Asif Rehmani points out, the Promoted Links web part, like all other web parts, is an App.

In fact, any Promoted Links web part, is a list, but one that is exposed on a page in SharePoint 2013 as a set of links. The process of adding items to this special list is started by clicking on the “All Promoted Links” view from one’s newly named Promoted Links properties screen. From this view of the new Promoted Links list, one can add items with the following properties to the Promoted Links web part:

  • Title for the Item
  • A Background Image that will be populated in the exposed links set based upon an entered URL
  • An Item Description
  • A Location for the Link based upon an entered URL
  • A Description of the Link, which will perform like a title tag for a normal HTML page

As well, two other properties can be configured from this screen:

  • Launch Behavior, meaning how the destination for the link provided for each item will be served to the user. The options are “In Page Navigation”, “Dialog (for a Dialog Box that includes the Link for the new Item)”, or a “New Tab”
  • Order, which specifies where in the row of links exposed by this web part the link for the new item will appear

Two other items are created in this video tutorial for the Promoted Links app, which will be added to the Team Site page for a SharePoint 2013 site collection.

It needs to be noted that when a custom Promoted Links web part is added to a Team Site page, one selects “add App Part” from the “Insert” options under the “Edit” function for the page.

Ira Michael Blonder

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