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Adding A Personalization Option to Online Video Training for SharePoint

Subscribing to an online video training resource for SharePoint makes sense for SharePoint users who are dedicated to the computing platform. These users — including administrators, developers, architects and power users — benefit from the immersive training experience presented by a subscription to online content exclusively on SharePoint technical topics.

SharePoint-Videos.com offers two different subscription options for the type of SharePoint user who benefits from an immersive training experience. Our Group ID and Multi-User subscription offers provide teams of users unlimited access to all of the content on our website.

We will soon debut a new version of these services, one which incorporates a personalization option. Soon it will be possible for these subscribers to collect sets of video training content from our site and to work on mastering the techniques presented, over time. Once a subscriber starts a course of study, she/he will have the option of “bookmarking” progress through each of the courses included in the course of study. These courses will be presented as “modules”.

Our discussions with our subscribers have shown an interest in the type of personalization we hope to deliver with this new feature. It may also be possible for teams of subscribers to customize the presentation of training content for their respective communities of SharePoint users. No two communities can ever be said to be precisely the same, so it makes sense to empower groups to prioritize the most compelling training content they can find on our site, to ensure the course of study for each sub user meets management’s objectives.

We think SharePoint stakeholders will be more likely to deliver very high levels of SharePoint adoption when the leading edge of SharePoint users within a given community (administrators, developers, etc) fully outfitted to optimize their consumption of the mission critical training content they need to successfully build into a SharePoint implementation targeted, high priority features.

If your organization understands the need for a scalable training solution for SharePoint, meaning one capable of servicing SharePoint users at all levels, and you would like to hear more about our Group ID and Multi-User subscription offers, please contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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