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A Healthy Taxonomy can be a Value-Rich Feature of a Truly Mission-Critical Implementation of SharePoint 2010

Rehmani Consulting, Inc offers a comprehensive set of video training on the Term Store, MetaData & Taxonomy for SharePoint, 2010. Our video training collection on how to Manage Enterprise Metadata with Taxonomy Management in SharePoint 2010 can be useful as enterprise organizations look to include unstructured data in their regular efforts to gather comprehensive and useful indicators of business performance.

As of mid August, 2012, much of the attention of enterprise IT professionals involved with content management and/or collaboration solutions like Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 has gravitated over to the question of “big data” and, specifically, the imperative of answering the question of how best to manage big data for one’s specific organization.

Of course this obsession with big data, and how best to work with it, makes complete sense when one considers the ever louder crescendo of calls for better business intelligence activities emanating from corporate board rooms. IT organizations are under lots of pressure to provide methods of incorporating a comprehensive analysis of any and/or all data produced by an organization, whether in a structured or unstructured format. The premise of this imperative is an assumption (on the part of executive business management) that performance prescriptions (usually produced as Key Performance Indicators, balanced scorecards, etc.) can only be relevant and truly useful when they are built upon a truly comprehensive, enterprise-wide collection of data that is truly representative of the overall performance of business processes.

The concept of taxonomy (a notion of applying categories to information as a method of heightening its usefulness and, in particular, its transparency and clarity) promises to be a highly useful method of exerting control, and truly managing enterprise-wide data. SharePoint 2010 is built with taxonomy in mind. The product includes the Term Store, which provides a repository for metadata (tags) which can be used to label specific pieces of information and, thereby, to render them accessible through enterprise wide search.

The gap, for most organizations, between present day realities, and truly useful intelligence gathering efforts, amounts to an inability to secure suitable project management expertise to get the task of building taxonomies with SharePoint 2010 done properly. Fortunately, enterprise organizations that have a deep commitment to successfully bridging this gap can look to Rehmani Consulting, Inc. and, specifically, our SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Management DVD as a means of bringing IT staff up to speed with the various aspects of successfully building a taxonomy framework for data in SharePoint 2010 repositories. This set of training videos is available either for individual use, or for use by an unlimited number of individuals within an organization under an enterprise license.

The cost of acquiring a set of best practices on this topic through a purchase of our video training set is a mere fraction of the cost of failing to include all of the required data within any automated predictive method that IT may otherwise propose. If you share our opinion on this topic, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us for further information. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about our video training set on SharePoint Taxonomy, or any topic related to either training content for SharePoint or training methods for individuals and/or enterprises.

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