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A Closer Look at Building a Provider Hosted App for SharePoint 2013

In a video tutorial titled SharePoint 2013 Provider Hosted App Model, Steve Fox, a Microsoft Director of Services, takes his audience on a deeper dive into one of the 3 App Development models he presented in the prior video tutorial in this set, namely the “Provider Hosted” App model.

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Steve begins this video tutorial by differentiating “Auto Hosted” SharePoint 2013 Apps, and “Provider Hosted” SharePoint 2013 Apps. “Auto Hosted” apps are reposed and managed in a special domain with Office 365 on Microsoft Windows Azure. “Provider Hosted” apps are managed, locally, so it makes sense to refer to them as “Provider Hosted” apps.

He also spends time showing how to build an “Auto Hosted” repository for the App by adding a website to Windows Azure. This website will provide the domain for the App.

Visual Studio 2012 provides the App development work space in this tutorial. Steve takes his viewer on a tour of the point and click flexibility offered by this toolset. Simply select an “App” as the project type, to begin the development task. Then choose either “Auto Hosted”, “Provider Hosted”, or SharePoint Hosted.

The website Steve sets up in Azure is not added to any SharePoint domain, so it can certainly serve as the repository for the App, which will be “Provider Hosted” in this tutorial.

The remainder of this tutorial is taken up demonstrating how to use VisualStudio to build the App, and make the necessary connections to the website work environment on Azure.

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