IT Must Take a More Active Role as a Driver of SharePoint Adoption

The objective of driving end user adoption of a platform like SharePoint 2010 provides an important opportunity for IT departments to potentially deliver substantial reductions in the cost of supporting end users as well as developing applications for business line processes. All of these cost savings will result from an organization successfully implementing a single platform for a wide range of daily computing activities. BYOD and other attempts to consumerize IT threaten to undermine attain of this objective. Therefore, we think that IT organizations need to take a more active role as a driver of SharePoint adoption. VisualSP™ from Rehmani…
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VisualSPtm from Rehmani Consulting, Inc. Takes a Video Training Solution for SharePoint 2010 a Step Forward

With VisualSP™, Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has delivered a product that, effectively, raises the bar on the minimum requirements for video training system usability and overall value. We think that, going forward, SharePoint 2010 users in need of a video training system for SharePoint 2010 will expect an in-context, task-specific access component. We base our assumption on a gap that we have often observed between users of SharePoint 2010 and training content. The results of this gap are widely known: Poor rates of SharePoint user adoption Under-utilization of SharePoint features and capabilities Failure to collect useful business performance metrics for Business…
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