Familiar SharePoint Story: Slow User Adoption Rates

harmon.ie builds software tools to facilitate cross platform data communication for enterprise software; for example Microsoft® SharePoint® and Lotus Notes from IBM® . The company focuses on a specific area of need that it claims is pervasive: slow user adoption rates of purchased software that should enhance collaboration between silos within a business but, somehow, falls woefully short of the mark. harmon.ie cites Forrester Research as an authority with an opinion that supports harmon.ie’s business premise. The specific piece of research from Forrester is Forrester’s September, 2011 study, “The State Of Workforce Technology Adoption: US Benchmark 2011”. harmon.ie claims that…
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What is the Most Popular Implementation of SharePoint for Larger Groups of Users?

OpenText, an 18 year player in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market recently released its annual “How are Businesses Using SharePoint” for 2011, which is the third consecutive year for which they have undertaken this study. OpenText interviewed 2100 participants for its study. The largest category of participants interviewed, 37%, were “IT Pros,” roughly equivalent to “Citizen Developers” as defined by Gartner. We are particularly enthused about the “Citizen Developer” concept and have targeted many of our SharePoint-Videos.com tutorial videos to an audience of Citizen Developers. Forty nine percent of the SharePoint communities surveyed by OpenText ranged from a minimum…
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