Metadata Tagging is More Accessible to SharePoint Online Users with the Latest Release of Office 365

We maintain an Office 365 E3 plan subscription. On April 6, 2013 our tenant on the service was upgraded to the 2013 version. We quickly updated our on premises versions of the Office Pro application suite and migrated our site collections for SharePoint Online to the 2013 architecture.. Today we uploaded an Excel spreadsheet with over 25K pieces of data to a SharePoint list. As we grappled with the options available to us to find an optimum method of displaying all of the data from the list in one view, we spent some time on the new List Settings page….
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Adding an Access 2013 App to Office 365 for SharePoint Online

Microsoft® Access 2013 Apps can be published to SharePoint Online, Office 365. Users need to activate the “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” feature of SharePoint Online before attempting to create an App in Access. One activates this feature at the top level of the SharePoint Online farm. We attempted to activate the feature at a site collection level, without success. Once the publishing infrastructure has been activated at the top level of the SharePoint Online farm, all of the site collections below will inherit the activated feature. We created a “Custom App” in Access 2013 with a couple of mouse clicks….
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Help Content for The Term Store Management Tool for SharePoint Online Office 365 E3 Plans has been Improved

The help feature for the Term Store Management Tool included in the Administration Center for SharePoint Online, Office 365 E3 plans is substantially improved over earlier versions. Help content is accessed with a click on the blue circle with a question mark in the center located on the upper right of the Administration Center screen. When we clicked on the help button, all of the information that was served to us was completely specific to the Term Store Management tool. The phraseology of the written help content was only marginally more informative than what we have read in the past….
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Configure InfoPath Forms Services for Office 365 E3 Plan SharePoint Online through the Administration Center

This is another post in our current series, which looks at the features included in the Administration Center for Office 365 E3 Sharepoint Online. Office 365 E3 Plan SharePoint Online Administrators can configure InfoPath Forms Services through the Administration Center. It is important to note that ” . . . configuration settings [effected through the Administration Center] apply only to user form templates. User form templates are form templates that are not deployed by an administrator” (quoted from an article,

A Look at the Business Data Connectivity Control Panel in Office 365 E3 SharePoint Online

Office 365 E3 SharePoint Online plans now include an administrator control panel for Business Data Connectivity (BDC) services. SharePoint administrators can now ” . . . create Business Connectivity Services (BCS) connections to data sources, such as SQL Azure databases or Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) web services, that are outside the SharePoint site. Once [these administrators have] created these connections, [they] can manage or edit BCS information on the SharePoint admin center site.” (quoted from Manage Business Connectivity Service Applications, published on the Microsoft® Office web site). The admin center site even includes a point and click option to set…
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Enhanced Administrative Features for Office 365 Enterprise E3 SharePoint Online Plans

Microsoft has announced a major change in Office 365, scheduled for March 1, 2013. On February 27, 2013 we signed into our E3 Plan administration center for SharePoint and noted several new options: Manage Secure Store Service Manage Term Store Manage Business Data Connectivity Each of the above provide SharePoint Administrators with a quick, point and click configuration method. Manage Secure Store Service In the last two posts to this blog we’ve made the case for using the Secure Store Service as the recommended method of building connectors to external systems to support Excel Services for SharePoint. SharePoint stakeholders should…
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SharePoint Workspace is the Preferred Method for Daily Computing for SMBs with Office 365 SharePoint Document Libraries

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. offers a number of video training courses on SharePoint as offered on Microsoft® Office 365. We thought it would be useful to provide a blog post on how we found a method of maintaining persistent data communication with our Office 365 SharePoint E3 plan. In fact, we had encountered some obstacles when we first attempted to establish this persistent data connection; therefore, we hope the following information is useful. It may be useful to note at the start that our interest in establishing a persistent data communication with our Office 365 SharePoint 2010 document libraries stemmed from…
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