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Observations from AIIM’s Resetting SharePoint Expectations Seminar, NY, May 20, 2014

If I had any doubt SharePoint had achieved the dominant position as the Enterprise Content Management (ECM)/Document Management (DM) platform of choice, for larger organizations here in the U.S., those doubts were dispelled during John Mancini’s Keynote presentation at the start of AIIM’s “Resetting SharePoint Expectations: The Quest for Business Transformation”.

Mr. Mancini rhetorically responded to an implicit question: did his presentation, and, indeed, the entire topic for the seminar, amount to no more than a product-biased presentation for merely one solution of many — namely SharePoint? He answered in the negative. His rationale? SharePoint has become the ECM/EDM Platform of Choice for enterprise business and comparably sized organizations in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

The team of vendors behind Mr. Mancini, who sponsored the seminar, were introduced, one by one, for their solutions, which each runs on SharePoint. None of the vendors would have anything to demonstrate if the underlying platform, SharePoint, was missing.

The significance of all of this, for organizations grappling with how best to address their specific ECM/EDM requirements, should amount to a sigh of relief: the most useful solution is SharePoint, but, perhaps, with either a layer of customization, or a third party application, running on top.

With SharePoint ubiquitous (as Mr. Mancini made clear), most organizations should be able to rapidly implement the underlying ECM/EDM platform. For those organizations considering a custom solution, SharePoint-Videos.com offers several sets of video training content directly relevant to the ECM/EDM solution question. Our sets are authored by Chris McNulty, Mike Doane, and, from the aspect of Project Management, Dux Raymond Sy. Each of these individuals is widely acknowledged as a subject matter expert on their topics. If you would like to learn further about our content sets, please send me a message, I’ll be happy to elaborate.

If, on the other hand, you would rather proceed with a third party solution, most of the leading vendors are well known, but you may want to look into KnowledgeLake, EMC, or even IBM. Each of these vendors exhibited at the AIIM seminar.

Ira Michael Blonder

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