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Microsoft Announces Office 365 Summit World Tour

Microsoft has announced a series of world wide conferences for Office 365. The title for this event is Office 365 | Summit. Each of the conferences included in this effort is designed to speak to the needs of important segments of the consumer community for this product, all the way from partner sales personnel, to product advocates from the communities of users who will consume the product. The latter will be supported via an adoption track.

This writer has registered to attend the New York City Office 365 Summit, adoption track, which will be held on October 9, and 10. We plan on writing posts to this blog on topics on relevant topics emerging at the conference. One set of topics likely to be covered will be the announced half day sessions on Office 365 end user training. SharePoint end user training via short, right to the point video tutorials is a core offering of SharePoint-Videos. These sets of video tutorials for SharePoint 2010, and 2013 provide the foundation of our training offer, both for the immersive training experience represented by any of our group subscription offers to our web site, and for the unique in-context, on-demand training experience delivered by VisualSP, the help system for SharePoint. So we will be very interested to learn how Microsoft recommends stakeholders in a plan to implement Office 365 and SharePoint Online address the need for training end users.

The experts selected for this track had not been announced at the time this post was drafted. But, we would hope, the speakers will be appropriately selected to address not only the end user training aspect of any plan for Office 365 adoption promising success, for the rest of the track, as well. Other sessions of interest to us include several scheduled for the second, and final day, of the conference. Session descriptions include a bold claim: “In this session, we will present the Microsoft customer adoption journey and highlight the 4 key phases for success. We will show you how to drive successful adoption of Office365 within your organization.” Needless to say we will be very interested to attend this topic and hope to learn some new and promising techniques, which, in turn, we plan on sharing with our readers via posts to this blog.

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