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If you are planning on attending Microsoft Ignite don’t miss the SharePoint 2016 preview

It is official. In a post to the Office blog titled World’s largest SharePint? It will happen ‘all week’ at Microsoft Ignite!, the SharePoint Team has announced a big presentation for this year’s all-in-one Office conference: a preview of SharePoint 2016. Just as the name implies, SharePoint 2016 is the next generation on-premises server for Microsoft’s SharePoint computing platform.

We here at VisualSP are especially enthused about this opportunity. After all, our Help System for SharePoint has been optimized for Microsoft’s on-premises SharePoint 2010 and 2013 servers. Now, with SharePoint 2016 coming into view, we can’t wait to present the next generation of our solution to the global SharePoint user community. If this is the first you have heard about our solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our solution.

All the fanfare surrounding the preview of SharePoint 2016 should be good news for organizations already committed to an on-premises SharePoint computing experience. But from what we have already learned about this new server, these same organizations might also want to learn how SharePoint 2016 may lessen the burden associated with expanding SharePoint computing to include a cloud component via SharePoint Online, Office 365.

SharePoint Server 2016 is said to include some hooks designed to make a hybrid computing scenario — including complementary implementations of on-premises and cloud computing components where they each make sense and are capable of delivering the best value to stakeholders — more accessible to enterprises with a complex computing environment already in place. So organizations meeting the criteria will want to attend this event, if they can.

We think the pace at which the notion of hybrid computing has evolved from the hope of a tightly coupled set of procedures, into a more realistic opportunity for cloud and on-premises computing solutions like SharePoint and SharePoint Online, Office 365, to co-exist in a loosely coupled architecture, is a healthy one. By positioning computing procedures to either cloud, or on-premises, a better effort can be made, in our opinion, to preserve the safety of proprietary data as well as the users who have to work with it from offices as well as when they are mobile from public locations.

Our systems are designed to provide these same organizations with the supporting content they require to be successful from all possible venues.

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