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Asif Rehmani to Present on SharePoint Adoption at SharePoint Fest Denver

Asif Rehmani, founder and CEO of SharePoint-Videos, is one of the scheduled presenters for SharePoint Fest, Denver, which will be held between September 22-24, 2014. Asif will present on two topics: no-code development options for SharePoint 2013 power users, and SharePoint Adoption. SharePoint-Videos will also be an exhibitor at this conference — booth G9.

On the topic of adoption, Asif will speak about “sustainable adoption”. Anyone who has read some of the recent posts to this blog should remember our comments on an hour long webcast recording of Dux Raymond Sy and Cyrielle Simeone’s presentation on the topic of SharePoint adoption during this year’s TechEd conference. They also spoke to the need for a “sustainable adoption” solution, one which would go far beyond the typical “3 day power user training class” to provide a truly firm foundation for SharePoint users to continue to use the platform, over time.

Of course, a successful effort to provide users with a sustainable rationale for adopting SharePoint will also contribute to tangible return on investment for platform stakeholders. Any investment in SharePoint is likely to be a significant cost to the organization implementing it (simply by nature of SharePoint’s scope, and position as a computing platform capable of supporting a wide range of applications). Ensuring user satisfaction with SharePoint, over time, creates a much more favorable opportunity for the organization to not only recoup its implementation costs, but also profit from it.

Finally, implementing a truly useful plan to hasten user adoption of SharePoint provides a lot of the impetus behind many of our customers deciding to purchase one of our solutions, perhaps a subscription to our online repository of in excess of 800 video tutorials, or VisualSP, our help system for SharePoint. It is worth noting the latter includes an in-context method of exposing training content directly to users, so they can consume it, on-demand.

So we are very enthused about the opportunity we have, with Asif’s presentation at SharePoint Fest Denver, to get our message out a bit further. Readers planning on attending SharePoint Fest Denver this year are encouraged to contact us to set up a meeting at the conference.

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