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A Webinar on SharePoint Adoption Strategies is Likely Worth Attending for SharePoint Stakeholders

On Wednesday, December 19th, Rehmani Consulting, Inc will host a webinar on the topic of SharePoint Adoption Strategies. This webinar will be chaired by Asif Rehmani, the President of Rehmani Consulting, Inc. who is a SharePoint MVP and Microsoft Certified MCT. Participants will include 3 individuals with a considerable amount of experience working with enterprise organizations. Specifically, these 3 individuals offer information architecture services, which have been used by their clients, successfully, to transform low levels of user adoption for SharePoint into much better acceptance and utilization of the platform. These three individuals are:

We should note that both Ruven Gotz and Michal Pisarek are also SharePoint MVPs. Susan Hanley authors a prominent blog on SharePoint for Network World. In sum, the participants in this webinar are certain to produce a highly informative discussion on a key topic like SharePoint adoption.

If any readers need convincing as to why successfully leading enterprise business users to adopt SharePoint is a critically important objective for stakeholders, simply consider the cost and operational impact of an enterprise wide implementation of SharePoint. Then consider what the result will be if an organization has easy access to SharePoint, Enterprise Edition as well as a wide range of add-on functionality from Reporting Services, the Term Store & Taxonomy, and, of course, Business Connectivity Services, but few users are availing of this set of computing resources. Of course, what once looked to be a promising method of reducing a wide range of operating costs has become simply another very expensive IT project that is failing to deliver on its objectives. Few teams of stakeholders with the authority within an enterprise organization will have a very high tolerance level, if any at all, for poor rates of user adoption.

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has always maintained a clear focus on producing products that SharePoint users can implement to improve the rate of their success as they grapple with computing upon a SharePoint platform. We see a direct correlation between widespread adoption of computing over SharePoint and lots of individual users mastering the computing procedures they require to successfully perform their work within a SharePoint computing environment. As such, we think training, and specifically, training content resources that can be used and reused, as required, by site owners, and information workers, until procedures are mastered is a very high value segment of the types of solutions that enterprises can implement to hasten user adoption for SharePoint.

We hope that you can attend this webinar. We are confident that your time will be well spent.

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