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Building Line of Business Dashboards with Business Connectivity Services

As noted on MSDN, a basis for visually presenting Line of Business (LOB) performance is to find “related or complementary information for a specific business entity” and to associate these streams of information into a composite view accessible via a web browser; for example, historical order history by sales territory. In sum, publishing LOB specific information via associated external content types in this manner may satisfy some of the demand for summary performance information required by management.

We present the specific procedures required to associate two external content types in a video tutorial, “BCS Associations” authored by Raymond Mitchell. You can view this video by either subscribing to all the content on our website, or by purchasing a DVD that includes all of the video training content we provide on BCS and SharePoint 2010.

For a team of 20 developers, or SharePoint Administrators, or architects who need to master the same procedures to effectively utilize BCS to deliver similar functionality across an organization, a purchase of an enterprise license to review these tutorial videos at a one time cost of $1995.00 makes sense. Simply consider the cost of sending this same group to an in person training class as a means of highlighting the low cost of this training content. Alternatively, consider the cost of utilizing consultants to deliver the same results. We are confident that successfully producing the same uniform results across a large organization with a system that can be readily supported by any of the team members who built it will represent a highly valuable endeavor for most any organization. Further, when one considers that the sole additional cost required to deliver the successful result is simply the acquisition cost of our training content, the efficiency of the solution will become that much more compelling. Finally, the positive effect on morale, which will result from empowering current team members with the computer procedures they require to deliver such a system makes for a significant piece of the overall Return on Investment (ROI) proposition for our offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you care to discuss with us, directly, your specific interest in video tutorial content for SharePoint. We welcome opportunities to learn about specific implementations of SharePoint as well as specific issues that may require remedies. Please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about our video training content.

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