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A SharePoint Designer 2010 Success Story Points to the Value of Training Staff to Use this Product with Microsoft InfoPath

In the fall of 2011, Microsoft Corporation published a case study about Trend Micro’s successful use of SharePoint Designer 2010 and Microsoft InfoPath 2010 to hasten delivery of important corporate information to any/all new hires. Trend Micro had extracted substantial value from its investment in SharePoint Server 2010 ” . . . [b]y taking advantage of the interoperability between Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010—the web and application design program for SharePoint Server 2010—and the Microsoft InfoPath 2010 information gathering program”.

Reading further, we learned that Trend Micro had specifically chosen to utilize SharePoint Designer 2010 and InfoPath 2010 for the same, codeless development capability that we emphasize in the SharePoint Designer Fundamentals Training that we offer in instructional video tutorial format. This case study includes a quote from Mr. Peter Yu, Corporate Business Application Technical Manager at Trend Micro. Mr. Yu notes that “‘[w]ith SharePoint Designer 2010, we didn’t need to write a single line of code,’ . . . ‘We developed the web forms by using built-in tools in InfoPath, and then we simply published the completed forms to SharePoint.’

We think that the type of codeless development opportunity noted in this case study, when applied effectively, can deliver substantial value to corporate users. Simply consider how development costs can be reduced by developing processes to sit on top of SharePoint Server 2010 through an entirely complementary application like SharePoint Designer 2010 that is already equipped for complete interoperability with SharePoint Server 2010 and InfoPath 2010. This type of development does not depend on Visual Studio or any other development environment; therefore, the documentation required of code solutions will not be required for this codeless development approach. Neither will specialized staff be required to modify/recreate/amend work already completed. Last, current staff members can be trained to utilize the out of the box codeless development capabilities of SharePoint Designer 2010.

Our SharePoint Designer 2010 Fundamentals DVD is available for single use at a cost of $195.00. At a cost of $1995.00 an enterprise license can be purchased for this DVD. For corporate users with more than 15 SharePoint Administrators, Developers, or Architects who can be called on to participate in codeless development, our enterprise license for this video training content makes total sense. In fact, the entire development project becomes that much more tenable when video training content like ours is factored in as the chosen method of imparting codeless development techniques to the above mentioned group of SharePoint users who can be utilized to enhance the value of the program within a business.

We welcome opportunities to further discussions about the codeless development capabilities afforded by SharePoint Designer 2010. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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